1000 mg THC-Free CBD Extract


Maine Down East’s 30 ml 1000 mg THC-Free CBD Extract is a high-quality isolate tincture. MDe offers four natural flavors to suit your taste: lavender, lemon ginger, peppermint, and unflavored. We use only organic MCT oil for our base and certified organic, food grade essential oils for flavoring. Our Isolate Extract is in compliance with the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act.

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Unflavored, Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint


(Unflavored) MCT Oil (from coconut), and 1000 mg THC-free CBD extract (cannabidiol) derived from Industrial Hemp

(Flavored) MCT Oil (from coconut), 1000 mg THC-free CBD extract (cannabidiol) derived from Industrial Hemp, Organic Monk Fruit, and Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon & Ginger Essential Oils, or Peppermint Essential Oils 

*Please note that the all-natural ingredients contained in our Isolate Extract will change color over time, especially with exposure to light. You can expect a light pink color to change to deeper tones. Note that this will not change the quality or the flavor of the tincture.


Use the dropper top to pull up the desired amount of liquid and dispense sublingually (under the tongue) for 30 seconds before swallowing. One can also add drops to any beverage.

Recommended use, protocol for Maine Down East Extracts:
– First 2-3 days, take 3-4 drops in the morning and 3-4 drops in the evening.
-After 3 days, take ½ dropper full in the morning and
½ dropper in the evening.
-After that time, you may take a full dropper in the morning and a full dropper in the evening.

We recommend that before using this product, you consult with your physician. Smaller initial doses are recommended to acclimate your endocannabinoid (ECS) system to CBD.

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